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After college, before a book, before marriage and children, ALL POTENTIAL

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Growing up with spiritual parents has taught me that receiving all the love and wisdom in the world is a beautiful thing, but it won’t help you, until you learn to love and treasure every part of yourself.

This self-understanding was a long time coming—I have struggled with my biggest fear, which has always been living someone else’s dharma, life, or dream while being too afraid to go after my own. I don’t proclaim to be an expert or guru; I would like to share my life with anyone who is interested so that hopefully you will feel comfortable sharing your authentic self with others as well.

Co-authored with my dad, Dr. Wayne Dyer, I have written a book about growing up in a spiritual environment and what I have learned about self-worth and following my dharma.

My main passion is connecting and sharing with others in a meaningful way to promote conversation and maintain authentic self-expression. I like sharing a real and vulnerable side of myself while working to encourage others to accept that side of themselves as well. I also enjoy cooking, reading, entertaining and having dinner parties. I live in South Florida with my fiancé. Our favorite hobby is traveling together. My non-profit, Stop Child Trafficking, is working to eradicate child trafficking through education and advocacy.


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