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Did You Miss It? Get a Life You Love!

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For a limited time, you can listen to a replay of my interview with Borrowed Wisdom – Get a Life You Love.

Visit Borrowed Wisdom and scroll down to my section of the page.

Join us as we’ll discuss:

  • How to align yourself with the energy of gratitude to create positive personal change
  • Why it’s so important to cultivate a mind that’s open to everything but attached to nothing
  • How to recognize the mantra of the ego versus the mantra of the higher self

The Borrowed Wisdom World Summit is a 12-week interview series featuring self-help experts, world-renowned doctors, celebrities and more. We’ve spent years searching and have found the very best experts to help you get a life you love. And we’ve carefully curated their wisdom into a specially designed 12-week journey that’s easy and simple.

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